Parish Mission Statement

The Catholic Church of Des Moines County is committed to help all, in whatever season of life, to grow closer to God through alive liturgies, support of family life, strong religious education for Catholic and public school children, outreach to the inactive and unchurched, a keen awareness of social justice, and a strong community among Catholics.

The three parishes all have their unique history. In faithfulness to their roots, they look to form an involved community of believers that lives in the spirit of Vatican II. We believe we are called through our baptism to be Christ to one another not only within the community but also within the world. We believe that we must understand, practice and deepen our love of God made manifest in Jesus through the Holy Spirit, that we are to be the embodiment of Christ on earth.

Because of the shortage of clergy and demands upon our resources, the three parishes pledge to continue to work together to build up the Church in Des Moines County by serving the needs of all parishioners. We see ourselves as a "family of families" and as such make the domestic church the primary focus of our ministry. We are committed to serving the needs of different family groups, to call and train lay leaders for the region, to establish adult religious formation as a priority, and to collaborate with each other and Christian churches in Des Moines County to build up the Kingdom of God in our midst.